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LSI offers high-performance, energy-efficient lighting solutions specifically designed for outdoor and indoor sports applications and facilities.

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Sports Lighting

The product has to be great. The communication has to be great. The pricing obviously has to make sense. And all four of those boxes were checked from beginning to end with LSI.

We wanted people to be able to see really, really well. In fact, we wanted lighting to be one of the hallmarks of the place. So if you combine great fencing, a great surface, and great lighting, you can have a really good pickleball facility.

Mitch Dunn – Owner of The Pickle Lodge

Mitch Dunn—pickleball fanatic, founder of the Cincinnati Pickleball Club, and Owner of The Pickle Lodge—knew that he wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect to support his favorite pastime. So at The Pickle Lodge, Dunn’s newest facility, he made sure each of his requests were met to create a wonderful environment—great fencing, a great surface, and of course, great lighting. That’s why Mitch chose LSI.

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Lighting is really important. You want to make sure you can see everything clearly so you don’t get hit…you also have to make your own line calls, so you really need to be able to see well.” 

“The pace of the game has become really fast. The paddles are getting a lot hotter. If there’s shadows on the court, it’s really easy to lose the ball, and it’s really hard to play without that bright light across the entire court.”

Allie Reichert, a four-year pickleball player and upcoming professional, reflected on the value that lighting has on her game. She values precise illumination free from glare, as the game grows and the pace of play increases. Accuracy without distraction is vital to her performance—That’s why LSI’s fixtures are built for her.

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Use the Create-A-Court Design Selector to find the appropriate LED lighting design for your specific Sports Lighting needs.

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